• We have Highly Experienced Fertility Specialists.
  • We Provide Compassionate Care.
  • One physician will oversee your treatment and each patient has a unique diagnosis and therefore a personalized treatment plan.
  • We Use the Most Effective Techniques.
  • Staff are always involved with improving techniques and - finding ways to increase the rate of success with all patients in all age groups.
  • All treatment is conducted in our State-of-the-Art Facility.
  • Our procedures are performed in our own modern IVF Laboratory Patients also receive the benefit of wellness, counselling, & treatment services on site.
  • We are committed to Making Fertility Treatment Financially Accessible.
  • Our practice offers several payment options and assistance.
  • Laproscopy and Surgeries
  • All Endoscopic and Hysteroseopic Surgerys, etc.
  • A/c Operation Theatres
  • Computerised Lab
  • Surgical ICU
  • Family Planning Unit
  • Ultra Sound, Colour Doppler and Echo Cardiography
  • We have power Generator
  • IUI Lab
  • Hysterscopy
  • Laproscopy (Diagnostic & Operative)
  • High Risk Pregnancy care unit (Repeated abortion, Diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
  • All types of Gynaecology surgeries
  • Andrology Clinic (for men)
  • Semen Banking


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